Saturday, July 14, 2012

2nd Week of July

College life's been pretty good lately :) It gets really interesting despite all the stress when you got your friends.

Just last thursday, me and some of my friends went to Gaisano Ilustre to buy sundaes LOL.. We still had class at 7pm, and we were already running late. So, we decided to ride the electric jeepney :) or whatever they call that. It was my first time to ride it. The jeepney was running awkwardly silent. Ofcourse, we took a photo to remember that "first time moment" lol.

What I've been up to lately aside from school? I play. HAH! I'm still a kid at heart :P even though I'm already 20 y.o >.< Anyway, I recently downloaded games for me to play. I found this really interesting fashion game called "Jojo's Fashion Show 2 - Las Cruces" and "Emily's Taste of Fame". I actually downloaded around 5 games, but only liked these two.

Aside from games, my sister downloaded gossip girl for me :) I've been hearing about gossip girl ever since, but never attempted to download nor watch it cause I feel like it's too girly. lol .. Anyway, I'm currently on watching season 1's episode 3, and kinda like it. Will still have to see how this goes :)

So, how was your day?


  1. Ahaha. No worries, I'm doing my master's and I still find myself reaching for a good game every once in a while. I think you need to make sure you have fun in your life. =)

  2. People tell me my blog reminds them of Gossip Girl but I've never seen that show.


  3. So im pretty interested with that electric jeepney! haha ohh just have fun with school works im sure you can just juggle things smooothly :)


  4. I can understand what you mean, college can be a drag and wonderful all at the same time, but just enjoy the ride while it lasts. Just graduated recently and I miss college life - in a way!

  5. Hi April! :) I watch Gossip Girl too. I just so love Chuck and Blair but but but... not to spoil you, heads up only, Season 1-3 is my favorite but Season 4-5's plot kinda plot f*cked up already (my opinion); I still watch it tho, for the love of Chair =) Enjoy watching!♥

      they're my favorite couple ~