Sunday, July 22, 2012

ABA Acquaintance Party 2012

Last night was the most amazing night I've (or should I say WE'VE) had so far as an Accountancy and Business Administration (ABA) program student. For the past 2 years, it was my/our first time to actually enjoy the acquaintance party and not leave. Kudos to the new set of officers. You'll be hearing less complaints about the increase of the departmental fee (LOL).

I've known about the party since last month (I think, or was it 2 weeks ago?), and I've had second thoughts of going because of the past acquaintance parties that I've been to. Good thing, my friends we're all on the go ^_^ Unlike the past parties, 80% of the students followed the motif which was something floral. It was really nice to see everyone cooperating for the success of the party. A lot of girls wore dresses and pretty-fied themselves just for last night (obviously, we're one of them).

Dancing the night away
It was actually a whole day event, but we just decided to attend in the evening. They prepared 2 programs for us --- KPOP Spoof & Mr. Salad Oh! (macho gay pageant). Below are some of the photos of the event and a video of JFINEX'es winning moves for the Kpop Spoof.

FYI, those guys are actually STRAIGHT :)

JPIA - Kpop Spoof Girls Generation's OH!
AJMS - Kpop Spoof Girls Generation's The Boys

Mr. Salad Oh! (straight guys acting gay)
JFINEX - Kpop Spoof Girls Generation's Gee
JFINEX Mr. Salad Oh
And ofcourse, who'd forget a party after a party? LOL .. Went to several places to look for the right one where we could just sit down and relax for the rest of the night. From Dream 21 (karaoke bar) to Matina Town Square to the parking lot near ABS-CBN Davao.


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