Monday, June 4, 2012

Korean Drama | Rooftop Prince

It's been 5 days since I last posted. I got busy (not literally). I got hooked with this Korean Drama entitled "Rooftop Prince" :"> I'm a big fan of korean dramas despite the fact that almost ALL of kdrama's endings really suck (either one dies, they won't end up together, etc).

I've actually been waiting for this since January (I think), along with Fashion King, King 2 Hearts, Love Rain. I could've watched it on youtube or wherever, but I waited patiently for all the episodes to finish so that I can fully download it and watch without having to wait for a week for the next episode ! :D

Why I wanted to watch this? First, because of Yoochun lol (cmon, before someone reads the summary, people always tend to look at casts first) and the stupid-inlove guy from Playful Kiss. Yoochun's actually a korean idol-actor. His first drama was Sunkyunkwan Scandal, and he portrayed it very well. Then, the summary/story was kind of interesting :)

i like yong sul best ! :D the one on the last photo ^

Rooftop Prince is actually a good drama (for me, my sister doesn't like it lol). It's a mix of everything ! From historical, comedy, drama, action, suspense.

Anyway, I tend to give spoilers when talking about a movie or tv series >.< So, just go ahead and watch the first episode, and see how it goes :)

And btw, I just got enrolled today ! :) kinda disappointed though cause they won't let me add another 3 units (a total of 27) so that I can take Statistics *sigh* I guess I'll take it on my last year at school


  1. I love Korea Novela, I search their most watch from time to time.