Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Spam #6 | Chilling

Yesterday was supposed to be a reunion with my classmates in grade school.
As usual, it never happened.
Good thing there were still people though who wanted to just hang out :)
Yepp, went out with grade/high school classmates some place sort-of-far-away from the city.

pretty ladies :) rochelle&ann

from l-r: ann, rochelle, francis, and ofcourse, me :P

from l-r: oddy, rochelle, me, and francis
Francis raping the tree xD

ze boys *insert SNSD's the boys here*: oddy, francis, arven
ze girls: ann, me and rochelle

them arguing what music to play. LOL

I'm the smallest one in the group >.<6

don't ypu just love candid shots? captures fun moments
There were only 6 of us, but it was fun ^_^
It's been a long time since I last saw them.
It was my first time at that place, and first time to go home at 3am lol
(i am so not gonna do that again. it's scary just imagining mom's face once I get home :S)
And yes, my rashes appeared once again after this night :|


  1. Awww bondings are so fun lalo na pag tagal na di nagkkita <3

  2. it looks like you had oodles of fun xx i love just going out with my friends sometimes : )

    Lovely blog! I'm following it now. I hope you'll check out mine - i write about love, life, and happiness : ) <3

    1. i sure did :)
      and thanks for following .
      will definitely check your blog