Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's Inside My Bag

I am so feeling the summer heat >.< Was soooo hot today even though it rained .

Bought school stuff :
              - Sociology Book
              - a notebook
              - yellow paper (for quizzes, assignments, etc)

I wasn't really planning on buying a notebook at the moment, but the heat of the sun made me want to go to the mall since it's kinda cold there :P and since I was already there, I just went ahead and bought a notebook and yellow paper .

Ate lunch with Jonathan at KFC, and as expected, no more vacant chairs . There were these women who were done with their meal, yet they never left O_O There were a lot of people waiting (including us) . pft

Let me show you the things I bring to school everyday :)

A notebook intended for my doodles and random stuff (totally school unrelated), pen (ofcourse), notebook, paper, pink card, perfume, shades to protect my eyes lol, face powder, moisturizer (I think), blush on, sanitizer, lipstick, lipgloss, baby wipes for when I want to remove my very very light make up while at school, 2 IDs (school and former company ID), and mobile .

I always bring an umbrella with me every time I go out of the house, but my umbrella has been kidnapped !!! Went to a drugstore to buy something and left my umbrella at the baggage counter, but some woman mistook my umbrella for hers (looks the same except for the color) . tsk .. Good thing it wasn't raining that hard or I'd look like a new born baby fresh from the u-know . loool

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