Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Le Drawing

Today was the first day of summer classes for my school. My first class starts at 1PM (really lucky, I can sleep more or less 9hrs a day *evil laughs*). Woke up at 10AM to prepare (1hr to eat, 1hr to take a bath and get dress and doll up A LITTLE, 1hr ride to the uni) , but my nephew won't let me get up cause he was still sleeping beside me. LOL .. so cute . I was able to force him to though :)

Met new faces, and I know I look new to them too since I haven't been in school for a year >.< So glad that I know the profs, it will make my life easier. Only our teacher in Sociology came, I dunno where my Political Science teacher went. He'll probably be there tomorrow. Anyway, Socio.... prof gave us a heads up of what we'll be doing for the next days.

AND, she gave us assignments >.< on the very first day of class. She asked us to describe ourselves, talents, abilities, in a drawing. HAH ! Here comes my drawing. Brace yourselves.

le drawing (I used to draw good til I took an arrow to the knee)
I'm actually a 5y/o kid stuck in a 19y/o body . That explains why my drawing looks like my little sister's drawing . haha .. oohh, I used her crayons for this. I like the look of her crayons, so, I took 2 photos of it.

and ofcourse, snack to fill my pet who's living inside my tummy. lol

Grandma's spaghetti :)

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