Sunday, April 15, 2012

saturday love ♥

Saturdays before I went back to school has always been going out with my boyfriend . But for the first time in a looong time (a year lol), I went out with friends :) If you can still remember, I posted about myself being one of the "forever alone" guys -- no social life at all . BUUUTT, finally, I was able to reconnect with them . I had a saturday full of fun and awesomeness :)

Actually, Bianca, Shalline (2 of my bffs since highschool) and I, weren't really planning on hanging out yesterday . But since I had reloaded yesterday and was at downtown (yes, my house is far), I called Bianca (hurray for piso smart2smart calls) . Told her I'm gonna go to her place after eating lunch with Jonathan , not gonna take a no for an answer . hahaha ..


meet Bianca :)

and her nephew . haha .. macho baby
Then we texted Shalline and told her that we're going out . We stayed at Bianca's for few hours, and decided to go to Shalline's Aunt's house (cause she was there) .

never forget to do mirror shots ! lol borrowed my bf's cam to get good shots from the musical

shalline & bianca . yes, shalline's pregnant :)
saw this, and remembered my nephew who loves mickeeyyy <3
The place was airconditioned and it was really hot outside, so we stayed there for a few minutes (lol). We decided to go to Uyanguren afterwards.
Uyanguren is a street here in Davao where there are a lot of thrift shops <3 People call it Davao's Chinatown. Saw a lot of good stuff there, particularly ACCESSORIES & SHOES!! At a really low price, mind you. You will some of the accessories, clothes, skirts, and shoes that are sold on facebook. I'm fond of buying stuff at malls, but when I saw how good chinatown's was, I am so gonna start buying there, starting next week :) except for make ups though . lol

oh gosh . I'm so short >.<

See them shoes? <3 I haven't asked for the prices of the ones on the photos , but there were these awesome shoes for girls/lady/women, let it be wedge, heels or flats, when we asked for the price, they said it was PHP399.00 (9-10$) . The price can still go lower :) Either you buy 3 stuff of the same price (considered as wholesale) or you haggle.

Shalline bought a pair of earrings for PHP20.00 (less than a dollar), and Bianca&I bough this belt. We have been looking for this one, and finally we found it. Oh wait. We actually found some at malls, and the boutique near school, but it cost too much -- PHP150.00 (3$) & PHP300.00 (6$) . This one cost only PHP40.00 (less than a dollar) . Ain't that cheap ? :)

We walked around the place for 3hrs, and finally decided to sit down and eat . Nearest place was Jollibee. Shalline wanted to go to Mcdonald's. No Mcdo at Uyanguren, sadly.

my camera shy friend

Burger Steak <3 fave meal @ Jollibee

I'm camera shy too lol
After hanging out with friends, I went to see a Musical by Davao's own Voiceworks Theater Company Inc.<3 I was so happy to finally FINALLY F-I-N-A-L-L-Y able to watch one, not a school play, but a real one :) Never thought I'd see one while I'm still in college, cause I've been looking for one, but I can only find it in Manila -_- too far .

teaser :)
Will blog about it soon.

When I went home, I was surprised to see my nephew . HE FINALLY GOT HIS HEAD SHAVED! I've been telling mom and my sister to get him shaved . So cuteee!

Yuna, my little sister

Dutch Mill yoghurt drink <3 fave drink
Was drinking this while editing a lot of photos last night . Got really hungry but there was no food. I Mixed Fruits flavor was new for me. It tasted banana-ish . haha ..

Well, that concludes my saturday :) This blog post is pretty long .

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  1. it's nice going out with your girl friends :) must be really fun! i like this blog post a lot! so many cheap buys! the shoes are unbelievably cheap and nice tooooo >_< must go there too soon hihi~ take care sweetie :)


  2. YOU SHOULD !! :) the shoes sold there are really cheap, but i think it easily gets worn out if you wear it everyday LOL xD