Monday, April 16, 2012

first musical

Okay, Okay, OKAY. HAHA .. *bipolar*

Doing another post regarding the musical becauseee this one will be informal. You asking why I did a formal blog post ? BECAUSE THEY DESERVED IT :) yes they do . And the reason why I'm writing this 2nd one is because I want to share what I feel. TADAA ~

Anyway, I'm really glad that Mr. Jared (the performing arts admin of VTCI) invited Davao Bloggers to their concert. I was finally able to see a live musical, not just on youtube and other video hosting sites nor on tv. Made me feel really happy :) Maan, how I kept wishing Davao would have one before. I thought I could only find one in Luzon. *fangirl mode ON*

Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to sing, was probably influenced by my Dad and sister. Dad keeps singing those oldies song (e.g my way, please release me, can you feel the love tonight), while my sister kept singing uhmm.. songs like Tomorrow, Reflection, Fallin, and pop songs (back in the days). --So, that probably explains my love for music.

Had a great time all throughout the show, even though I was all alone --- bf was at school, bff wasn't a blogger, Carla (my partner in blogger events) was in Visayas.

meet Fantasia, one of the MCs
This guy was so funny! No dry moments whenever he appears. Never fails to make the audience laugh :)

Everyone was amazing! You can see that they are giving their all to give us a good show. There were some performers that really caught my attention.

Here they are (got their names from FB haha):

First guy performer that caught my attention when he sang. His voice was perfect for the song.

Sir Jared - The founder & president of VTCI
 A really outstanding performance, as expected from the Founder and President and Artistic and Creative Director :)

The first time I saw her was at the Freshmen Orientation (I think) at UIC. She has a really nice voice. Heard her sing Listen and Alone w/o flaws, few years back.

I don't even know where to start. Her vocal range is high. I think she belongs to Soprano1. Not only does she have a high vocal range, also, the way she delivers the lyrics was so clear. I was able to understand every word she said. Oh, and she's also a good theater actress !! :)

OK. This girl ..... left me speechless throughout her performance. Had goosebumps (didn't even know it was possible) when she sang. I am not exaggerating. I'm a critic (even though I'm not an expert) when it comes to stuff like this, and I'm telling you, she has a really nice voice. Goosebumps explain everything how impressed I was with her voice.

Suddenly remembered our Final Exam in Literature last year. I hope we'd have another chance to have a play at school :|

Professional Musical Play
Noobs !! version of Musical Play HAHA

So, that was it. I had fun, but I just wish I was able to take photos with the performers :( Maybe next time ? I'm gonna make sure to bring someone with me.

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  1. Thank you April for that nice compliment. I would never be what I have become without VTCI. :)

  2. hello marlee :)
    you're welcome . looking forward to seeing you perform again ^^

  3. I'd like it more if we could have a photo together :)