Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo Spam #2 [food]

Japanese cup noodles given by Jonathan during Christmas.
 It tasted just like any other normal Filipino styled cup noodles.
The only difference is that dark brown thing.
I have no clue what that is.

Korean cup noodles Jonathan gave me for Christmas.
It was totally different from the other cup noodles
-- the noodles, the sauce, the seasoning.
For the taste, I'll tell you what my brother said:
"Taste like tea -_-"
I love the noodles though :)

instant brownies something
Jonathan's mom sent this to him.
All we had to do was pour a little amount of water and microwave it.
Taste really good :) It was too sweet for me though. 

Something-cheese from Bread Talk
This is my favorite bread from Bread Talk.
It was really good.
The bread was so soft and the filling was just right :)

Mexican Food

Mexican Food

Mexican Food

Mexican Food

Mexican Food

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  2. its been a while and TAADAA new layout april, NICE!! i love pokadot :p
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