Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Yesterday was Chinese New Year. Everyone kept posting statuses (on fb) saying "Kung Hei Fat Choi". Jonathan joked about it and said "poor Choi, everyone's calling him fat". LOL ..

While everyone was thinking about Chinese New Year, I was here at home, sitting, and watching latest episodes of some tv series that I'm watching. Part of me was thinking about what I would like to wear (clothes & accessories) for this holiday if I had tons of money. I was thinking of a light red spaghetti shirt (with a tiny flower design, not printed, near the right strap), paired with a black skirt (maxi or just an inch or so below the knee). As for the accessories, I'd wear the ones currently being sold at Gaisano Mall's activity area (chinese accessories). For the shoes, I'd say the red wedge I saw last night while walking at Roxas (where thrift stores are). Lastly, for the bag, something black and red. And yes, it was just an imagination :p Will probably try it when I have a stable job already.

So, what happened yesterday was Jonathan called and told me he'd take me out for dinner, and said to wear red (he wants us to be cultured). When he came to pick me up, he brought "tikoy" with him. We did some experimenting cause his friend told him that tikoy's better when fried. It was our first time frying tikoy. We had no idea what to do. At first, we dipped tikoy with egg, but then it was an epic fail. So, we decided to dip tikoy with egg, then cover it with flour and fry. It turned out better than the first one.

Fried Tikoy <3 gooey inside

Then, we went to Mandarin Tea Garden (Victoria Plaza branch) to have dinner.

Fried Rice
Steamed Chicken and Mushroom
I can't exactly remember the name. I think it was Ma Chang.
Pork Asado

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings <3333
I really loved their steamed shrimp dumpling. nomnom ~~ I'll go back there again some time :)

Jonathan and I wearing both red shirts :) (photo taken from his camera)

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  1. delisyoso!!

    ...di pa 'ko nakatikim ng tikoy. :) ^^

  2. @orange pulps: you should try one :) masarap gud . hehehe

  3. Now I'm hungry, it's all your fault!

    Great pictures, btw. Kudos to you!

  4. I really remind me of ongpin in manila, no one can serve to those types of food here unless we go to ongpin.

  5. How's the fried tikoy? It's my first time to hear about it. =)

    1. ME TOO ! lol
      my boyfriend was the one who told me about it
      he initiated in making a fried tikoy . lol

  6. wow! dimsum galore! i initially thought the fried tikoy looks like chicharon haha! :)

  7. Wow! Nagutom ako bigla! Sarap naman! Love ko ang Chinese food!

  8. Your boyfriend is very cultured, and is very attentive to details. I'm actually impressed with guys who knows a different race's traditions. :) By the way, your 2nd attempt at frying the tikoy is also a method of ours at home. :)

    1. he'd be happy to hear this :)
      he loves asian culture .

  9. I missed eating tikoy already. :D