Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Been a long time since I last posted here. 2months to be exact >.< Yet I still get some views (1 or 2, 5 at most a day), that makes me really happy :) My days had just been pretty boring these past few months --- downloaded and watched a lot of kdramas and played ps1 games via epsxe (ps1 emulator).

Anyway, I was waiting for this day to come! haha .. The day when I'll be considered as a student once again . LOL .. I finally got enrolled for this year's summer class . Not that I have a failing grade . We're required to take classes during summer .

my sched :)

So, how was it? It was lonely, then fun, tiring, exciting, exhausting .. LOL ..

-- Lonely : I arrived at uni at 9am . Then my bestfriend told me she'd go in the afternoon >.< I was alone .. I had no one to talk to .. My classmates from last last year weren't there . So, I went to the nearest mall . Just walked around . And ate . My boyfriend wasn't around too cause he had things to take care of at his uni .

-- Fun : It all started in the afternoon when I was already lining up to pay for the tuition . My bestfriend finally arrived , and my classmates from 2010-2011 came to pay too . We kept talking about stuff . It was nice seeing them after a year :)

-- Tiring : We were in line for like 3hrs >.< I wonder how sales ladies are able to stand up doing nothing for hours .

-- Exciting : YES! It was finally our turn to pay . I got the receipt and went straight to our department to get our subjects loaded. I'm kinda excited and nervous at the same time. I'll be in class with younger (lol) students >.< and I dunno most of them. But I think it would be kewl too :P

-- Exhausting : I thought it would be over already, but then I remembered what the registrar said about "returnees", so, I asked a teacher from our department, and she said we still have to go through the Admission's Office > print grades > Admission's Office > Cashier > Registrar > Cashier > Dean > Registrar = TORTURE but worth it !! It was already 4PM. Good thing we were able to get everything done .

The "Pink Card", it used to be blue

I'm so glad my brain never failed me ever since I started college . The accounting grades are an exception though :P but I'm gonna try my best not to have a low grade on accounting anymore >.<
Dear Brain, please keep up the good work :)

le grades the registrar gave me

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