Monday, January 23, 2012

Online Game: iDate

Haven't been posting lately because of uhmm.. the camera wasn't with me (And I don't like to blog without photos to show. It Just seems so plain), and I've been hooked with this online game called "iDate". Actually, I've started playing this game last summer, but stopped, and then back again on august, and stopped because it won't start on my laptop. Just this January, I was able to find a loophole to be able to play the game (YAY!).

So, iDate is like a dance pad except that you'll be using your fingers and a keyboard. You can also talk to people and make friends. AND you can "Groove Your Way Into Love" as their website says. LOL. There are stuff there like avatars dating, dressing them up, fireworks, and many more. I am so not there for that reason. I just love rhythm games a lot like Guitar Hero, Jam Legend and DJ Max Portable (on PSP).

Anyway, so, as I said, there's a part wherein you can play dress up with your avatar. It comes with a price though. It's either you pay by points you earned while playing or you buy a card at net cafes. I usually don't like spending money on things I can't eat >.< I just feel like it's a waste. But yeah, I bought a card worth 50php (1$). I was planning on buying 250php(5$) worth of card (I already saved for it) but, I was with Jonathan, and I told him about it. He was against it (just as I expected). HAHA.. I had second thoughts then, so, I just bought 50php.

This is what the game card looks like. IT'S MY FIRST TIME BUYING ONE.
Yes, I made some awesome friends :) See those 2 female avatars with same outfit? The one on the right is mine. Love the outift? haha.. All thanks to Karen (aka Loveless19) for the inspiration. That honey thing on top of our heads (particularly mine) have advantages. It gives additional game experience and points :)

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  1. I had a chance to play this game last year but I didn't continue. Kapareho lang kasi to ng O2 Jam. Online addict din kasi ako noon at ayaw ko nang bumalik. :)

  2. ohhh .. havent tried o2 jam pa . ive only tried audition . hehe

  3. o2jam si nice pril :) but sa lappy ka nagaplay ng idate ?

  4. ang gwapo nung HeaRtLeSs15 ohh.. hahahaha

  5. @merz : try ko daw dL haha .. baka ala na tao sa o2jam xD minsan sa lappy laro, minsan sa comp . ano nickname mo dun merz ?

    @anonymous : BWAHAHAHHAHA i know you WAHAHAHA

  6. Does it require internet? Haha. I have few games lang here in my Laptop e. x|

  7. @Little Missy: opo :) it does . ano games mo jan ? hehe

  8. WoW!!! galing nyo ah!!! xDD......