Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Spam [One-oh-One]

not-so-good-weather @ Davao :3
 Took the photo on the streets of the neighborhood I'm in while waiting for a jeepney.

The Rocker Chick xD Carla of
Carla and I are currently working on a blog called "Davao Street Fashion".
We were scouting for fashionistas at some malls.
We just started last week :) Visit our site at

Stuff Toys that you need to get via crane.
 We went to SM City Davao first, then off to NCCC Mall.
We stayed at an arcade called Timezone.

Carla's friend playing Tekken 6

Group of people exercising :)

The National Distilled Drinking water XD haha

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  1. hi. napadaan. checking out your fashion site now. :)

  2. aw s0 many pictures p0w...
    ang cute ng mga little t0ys...
    pink t0ys hehehehe...

  3. ang dami pa namang fashionista sa davao! :)

  4. hello, kron lang nko napansin taga Davao pud diay ka?

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