Wednesday, November 2, 2011


last month, i kept watching american tv shows --- vampire diaries, secret circle, charlie's angels, raising hope, etc.. as well as korean dramas and movies . since i haven't found any worth watching korean drama yet and i somewhat got tired of it cause the story is so predictable ... nothing new , so i decided watch animes again :) it has been a long time since i stopped watching anime .

lemme just tell you first that the animes i watch are not for girly-girls . im not fond of romantic-comedy animes . what i usually watch are animes that has a lot of action involved, adventure, horror, fantasy, etc ..

Ao No Exorcist

i recently watched the anime entitled "Ao No Exorcist" . it's about exorcists and demons . Satan and a human had an affair and got kids (twin brothers) .................. uhmm .. sorry but i guess i'll stop there . HAHA .. cause everytime i talk about some show, i actually talk about the story itself already . and im spoiling it for my readers :) anyway, it was a nice anime though it would have been better if it had more episodes . i actually heard about this anime through one of the blogs i read (thank you blogger for leading me to that person lol) .

shakugan no shana

sacred seven

and then , after Ao No Exorcist, i was still downloading Shakugan No Shana season 1 & 2 as well as Sacred Seven , so, i decided to watch Bleach from the very beggining :) i actually watched the first 100 episodes already back in 2005 but i already forgot what happened . it's still as good as ever !! :D all the sword fights, the demon magic, the handome Urahara Kisuke <3 hahahaha


anyway, incase you have some anime that you think is worth watching , please tell me :D im still looking for good animes to watch :)

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  1. OMG! I love Ao no exorcist! Wish there was a second season :((((

    1. me too <3
      i wasn't satisfied with the ending though :(
      they should've made ao no exorcist kinda like fairytale/bleach/onepiece with tons of seasons