Monday, November 14, 2011

Wonder Girls & T-ara MV

so, as you all know, kpop wave has affected me already -- big thanks to the Korean Dramas Secret Garden and Dream High .

anyway, i saw news about the comeback of the "kpop Queens" Wonder Girls after their US tour for about 2 years i think (im not really that updated about them) . i was really excited because the mv teasers were really good :)

and so, last week, i saw the full mv :) twas indeed a catchy song . here's the MV :

The MV have been receiving negative feedbacks from netizens like :
1.) "a rip off from Beyonce's Single Ladies"
 - twas said that Beyonce & them have the same choreographer
 - i think they say this because of the black&white thing
 - this actually reminded me of Secret's Love is Move cause of their costume and nothing else
2.) "the song sounds like Sara Bareilles' Gonna Get Over You"
 - maybe some part, but not all
3.) "i thought they were gonna stop the Retro concept?"
 - i don't know anything about this, but others say that "they were known for their Retro Concepts . it won't be that easy to get out of that one . they're taking it slow."

wonder girls 1st performance of their comeback last 11/11/11 . They performed Be My Baby as well as G.N.O (girls night out).

few days after Wonder Girls released their full mv, the group T-ara released their Cry Cry MV . while the wonder girls showed off their dancing skills on the music video , T-ara focused on showing their acting skills . here it is :

i really enjoyed t-ara's mv cause of the drama as well as the song (especially the ballad version) . i was left wondering though what would happen next cause they cut the drama into uhmm .. not sure how many parts . but i think only 2 ?

Some feedbacks from netizens :

1.) "where's part 2?"
 - i dunno no xD lol im waiting too
2.) "where are the other members? what's the point of having them dress up?"
 - wait for part 2 :)
3.) "i love the song. it goes with the drama"
 - ME TOO !! haha
4.) "i hope they make this into a real drama or movie"
 - i'll make sure to watch it incase that happensz

im dunno the exact date of their comeback performance yet . i know allkpop will keep me updated though lol

where did i see these feedbacks ? ON YOUTUBE . lol .. twas my first time staying on a video to read the comments . LOTS OF FANWARS i tell you . like seriously >.<

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