Sunday, October 23, 2011


It has been so long since i've seen my cousins and had fun with them . we barely see each other because of school and stuff , also because of some family matters (good thing there's facebook lol).

today was my cousin Bianca's 18th bday celebration . her bday actually was on october 7, but for some reason, they moved the party .

anyway, i missed her a lot that's why i really wanted to go. good thing my brother wanted to go to. my bro is close with our cousin Brisbane (dad's side), and im close with Bianca, Brisbane & Roxanne (dad's side | probably because our age gap isn't that big) while my sis is close with Ana and ate Portia who's in the US already (mom's side) .

presenting the CAKE :D
as usual, my bf and i goofing around

cousin roxanne, me and bf :)
yea, i wasn't able to get any photos of the food >.< i was too hungry lol anyway, for the last part :) a gif of a cousin group photo with my bf . oh yeshhh we're the ultraman !! see our sparkling eyes ? LMAO

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