Monday, October 17, 2011

adorable halfies !! + food

i was looking for some good stuff to download (movies, drama, etc) , and found this korean movie entitled "The Cane". then i remembered this cute baby that appeared on one korean movie. i just couldn't remember his name. so , i searched on google "cutest korean baby celebrity" (LOL i know xD) and found MASON MOON !! oh yeshh .. the cute 4 year old halfie <3 not only have i found him, but i also found out that he has 2 little bros ! OMO ~

so, i searched again and found Mavin Moon & Maden Moon <3 also found t-ara's hello baby version .

huhu they're just the cutest babies ive ever seen !!! *_* i just wanna take care and play with them . waaa
they're halfies btw -- half korean - half canadian . it turned out really good . wow

i wonder what my babies would look like . hmm .. not that imma have one soon lol .. maybe 10 years from now :) i wanna enjoy life you know :p

my bf and i
today's date was unplanned ._. i just wanted to eat korean/japanese noodles (that can be bought at grocery stores) with him. but yea, he called me . and said that he'll take me somewhere :) this is his way of coping for all the days we fought lol

so, he asked me "gmall or SM?" me thinking bout the japanese food stall at SM, i told him SM . but he later told me that we'll go to RaiRai Ken . waaaaaa MY FAVE JAPANESE RESTAURANT <3

Gyudo - 205php

super california maki with SALMON <3 toppings - 100+php something

and yeah, i wanted something else :) so i ordered another one :

SALMON sashimi - 155php
ok , i swear my money will be spent on food all the time, and i'll be broke :( i really cant stop my food craving . i even wanted to buy a bread from that awesome bread shop at abreeza :( ugh ..

after dinner, we decided to walk around the mall . we went to this store which sells Japanese stuff for 85php . i wanted to buy chopsticks and that charcoal mask :( hahayy .. my bf kept pulling me away from the store -_-

we went to the food court instead and bought some yogurt :) i chose rice crispies, cornflakes, chocolate sprinkles and strawberry syrup for its toppings :)

then when we were walking towards the exit of the mall, we saw this food stall called Giordani Gelato . OMO ~ FOOD !!! waaaaa .. i wanted to buy one but i resisted and took a photo of the gelato instead . lol .. i took it secretly ! cause they might not want people to take photo of the place . lol

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