Friday, October 14, 2011


IM SO SORRYYYY !! :( like seriously . i havent blogged for awhile cause of some issues with blogspot << pft . i was really frustrated, and moved to my old blog which was an epic fail cause i lost motivation :(

anyways, im so back and i'll blog again :D i just found out today that its working again .

im so happy today <3 lemme state the reasons :

  1. i met with the person i suspected who was a scammer today . she contacted me the other day because the nbi wont give her her clearance because of my complaint . AND, the email i sent to the anti-money laundering people actually worked . they were working on the case for 3months already . good thing she contacted me, explained everything , she said twas her friend . we settled everything this afternoon, she gave me back the amount of money i sent to the person who scammed me .
  2. its been really awkward lately cause my sister keeps asking me bout the money i owe her . GOOD THING, like really, GOOD THING the girl i suspected contacted me and settled everything . so, im able to pay my sister already !! no more awkward moments with her cause we kept ignoring each other ._.
  3. MY GMAIL AND BLOG IS BACK !! omg .. im really glad . LIKE really really glad . like what i said, ive been having issues since 1st week of september , lost motivation since i really wanna blog but then everything just went POOF !! koko crunch . lol .. anyway, im just really happy
i really apologize if i wasnt able to blog and read blogs for almost 2 months . i got lots of things to tell you . but, i'll be sure to make it up to my followers as well as the people im following :)

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