Sunday, October 16, 2011

date night

so yesterday, twas saturday (obviously) . saturday for me and my boyfriend means DATE ! :)

we were planning on going to SM City, one of the malls here in Davao, eat at that Japanese Food Stall at the grocery, and watch a movie. everything was planned out . but what an epic fail when everyone here in the house went out ... everyone except for me :( since no one will be left, and i cant just bring the house keys with me. waaa ..

people started arriving at 5PM :( and my house is almost an hour away from that certain mall . sooo , instead of going there, we went to the nearest mall instead HUHU

anyway, i really really wanted to watch real steel : 1. because the trailer was really catchy lol , 2. because it's one of the most awaited movies of 2011 (yea, reason is super lame) , and last but not the least 3. because of HUGH JACKMAN !! that guy is just hawt . i know, he's old, but he still kept his abs intact . LOL im just a fan of his -- other than his looks, he's a good actor.

ok, since the real steel theaters were full, we got Change-Up tickets instead.

twas a hilarious movie ! especially the part (it was around the first 20mins scene) wherein the baby's butt exploded with poop , and his dad's face was just infront his butt . xD
in the movie, i keep hearing the word f*ck . great ! now i cant get that word out of my head -_- i should've probably counted the times they said that word . HAH !

after the movie, i was hungry :( we ate for 10mins only because of time *sigh* . sooo, after watching Chang-Up, we decided to go to starbucks and buy something :)

Dark Mocha Frappucino

Strawberry Cheescake
i ordered these two : Dark Mocha Frap&Cheescake . it costs me 285php (almost 10$) :( UGH . imma get broke soon if i keep doing this . nevertheless, IT WAS YUMMY <3

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