Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where did my money go?

I will be tracing back the money i had . lol .. i keep wondering where it went . im such a spender :(

so 'twas like this .. i quit my job in mid august because of reasons that i cannot state here LOL (just email me if you're curious xD) . anyway, i think im doing a "Job Hop" , which i know is not a good thing . im just looking for a job that suits me, a job that i love . im a workaholic person (if only you knew me back in HS when i was still a sbc officer) . ok enough . lol ..

i got the pay from that job .. it wasn't that big :( huhu then, as what i mentioned on one of the blogs i posted here, i was expecting 32php from my debit card , but when i checked in mid august, i had money !! :) i was really happy . the pay from the video marketing thingy + the money in my debit card = :) i had enough money to sustain my wants . i used to not care at all how much money i have (before i started working), but now i do, sadly :(

ok .. there was money . i was happy . i was able to pay my sister for something, plus there was still something left for me . left 1000php to my card for emergency purposes , but now it's all gone :(

what did i do ? where did it go ? ok .. let me trace it back .
  • paid my sister
  • ate at hanoi: vietnamese cuisine
  • ate at teriyaki boy
  • chilled with friends at caffe firenzo
  • ate at krua thai on our monthsary
  • drank raspberry mocha frappes at cafe demitasse
  • bought a notebook
  • bought a lot of unecessary things at camp holiday
  • ate at kfc
  • and that's all
DANG !!  WOAH :O i spent most of the money i had left for food . im such a spender when it comes to food . when i was still working at a call center company, my bf and i would always eat at places we've never eaten before to try it out . waaaaaa .. uhmm .. im not regretting it though -_- cause 'twas all yummy .

but now, i won't be able to go out and such . i can ask money from mom though WHICH i don't want to do since im out of school as of the moment . tsk .. i need to look for a job, like ASAP . i can actually get one online, but I DON'T WANT TO :( it's like really boring and there are a lot of temptations .. huhu ..

i saw a lot of people i know (back in hs) working right now ... and I SHOULD DO THE SAME .

Jessie J's price tag song keeps playing on head as im writing this blog . lol

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  1. Aww I know how you feel T.T my mommy is on vacation now to Cebu, and there's no one to cook for us.. so we always order food T-T total laziness hahaha but after the eating, I felt kind of silly and guilty for spending so much money just on food. I could just cook it for so much less.. huhu~