Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100php and LESS :)

                “If I only had 100php, where will I buy my breakfast/lunch/dinner?”

                There are actually a lot of food places here in Davao City that sells food for 100php and less. When I was still in school (on break right now), Mom gives me a hundred peso for… uhmm .. lunch money? I don’t really know what to call it since that 100php includes my fare, snacks, lunch, and photocopies. Since I have 100php a day, I make sure I budget it and save some (save a peso to be exact, lol).

                ANYWAY, when I go out with my bf, and with my friends, we see to it that we only spend less than 100php for a meal or a snack (when I started working though, my bf and I started to go beyond that). So, what I’m gonna do right now is I’ll be listing top 3 food places.

The Café Mediterranean

                Ate there last August 20, 2011 together with the Davao Bloggers. I ordered one of their value meal, Marinated Pork, which cost 99php. It was really good.

                You’ll find this place at Abreeza Mall Davao.


                KeepSakes is located at Matina Town Square fronting Ateneo HS campus. I knew about this place because of my choirmate, Ate Janice.

                This is actually the BEST food place I’ve ever been! For snacks/merienda. I don’t go there anymore though cause it’s far >.< All of the food that I will be showing you later on (after this paragraph), costs 100php and below (as far as I can remember). AND ALL OF IT TASTE REALLY GOOD! but Port Café’s carbonara is still my favorite lol

carbonara <3 - Photo from Ate Janice
Ice Cream Nachos - Photo from Ate Janice

something waffle - Photo from Ate Janice

Choco Hurricane Ice Cream - photo from Jonathan

 Photos from Jonathan

 mashed potato | something waffle - photos from Jonathan
Nachos <3 - Photo from Jonathan

Port Café

                Last but not the least, my number 1 food place, Port Café. This one is located at the 2nd floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao (J.P. Laurel Ave.). This is actually our favorite place to eat whenever we go to g-mall (my bf & bffs). Why? Because they sell yummy~ foods that will fill your hungry tummy at an affordable price! Almost everything that they sell here costs 100php and below.


Chicken in White Sauce with ice tea - 79php

Calamares - 75php

I say you try their GARLIC CHICKEN ! :)

That's all folks! If ever you've been to one of the places that i mentioned, don't hesitate to leave a comment and give a feedback :)


  1. The owner of Keepsakes was my classmate in culinary school. Her pasta is yummeh! :)

  2. Your food always looks so amazing!

  3. I should visit davao and eat at keepsakes their food looks divine..