Thursday, August 4, 2011


                YES! Had a vacation at Paradise Island Resort. It only lasted for a few hours though cause we still have things to do tomorrow. BUT still, im glad we took it.

                Jonathan and I had been really stressed and depressed these past few days. So we wanted to go somewhere to relax and unwind and just have fun. We decided to go to the beach. We chose between blue jazz and paradise. Since he had never been to paradise, we chose it.

                Here are the photos from my camera. I was only able to get 4 photos since I forgot the memory card again >.<

we saw a shrimp hiding :)
 oh .. and yea, i think they're having promos during weekdays. cause after we paid the entrance fee, they gave us a 100php gift coupon thing :) bought a mixed fruit shake with the coupon . so yummyy ~~


  1. oh, beautiful place.. :)
    hey,I've got some amazing place for vacation.. visit my blog :) :)

  2. AW... too bad u forgot the memory card... I hope to drool on ur mixed fruit shake ... lol! :D Have a nice day!