Thursday, August 4, 2011

not feeling good

                This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday, but yea . didn’t have time T_T

                  I wasn’t really feeling good yesterday. Something just didn’t feel right. And I think my “English” is on its expiration date LMAO xD

                I think I need some vacation to the beach, or province, or anywhere that’s quiet and peaceful (I would really love it if I can go to Maria Christina Falls :p). My boyfriend was planning on taking me to Gap Farm (click to view my post) again to enjoy the Japanese Tunnel and Horseback Riding. But I refused cause we just went there few weeks ago >.< and it’s not even Saturday (our date day).

                We went to Abreeza Mall instead. Ate at a restaurant called Mandarin. Wasn’t really pleased with the food. It was fool of fats :O I thought it would have a lot of meat. Fail
pork mandarin

                Afterwards, we went to buy movie tickets – gonna watch Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez. It was a cute movie. But I was still thinking about P.S. I Love You. Hahaha .. can’t get over that movie and Ireland :O
monte carlo, p.s. i love you and IRELAND <3

Before we went to the movie theaters, he bought a yogurt. It tasted different. It tasted like ice cream unlike other yogurts. That was probably an ice cream? Lol .. but if you look at it, it looks like yogurt. yumm ~
creamee d-lite yogurt


  1. How was Monte Carlo? I want to see that movie.
    The ice cream/Yogurt looks good!

  2. tiff !! your back !! :)monte carlo's just ok . im not really much of a fan of a teen-romance movie .

  3. Saw Monte Carlo :) it was something like a replica of Hilary Duff's movie before, right?
    :) I haven't seen the other movie, I want too! seems really good :)

    Have you been in Maria Christina falls? :) you definitely should :)

    1. YEAAHHH !! the uhmm lizzie maguire (wtv the spelling is lol) movie ! :D

      haven't been there yet . someday <3