Friday, August 5, 2011

another debut (18th bday)

                Like what I said last July 28, 2011 (of legal age post), I attended another debut tonight. It was held at Davao Famous Restaurant (a Chinese restaurant). after days of thinking what to give, i finally decided (with the help of Jonathan), to make her a bracelet like the ones that i used to sell on facebook. And YEA ! I finally made sure that my memory card was inside my camera :p so, I took photos during the debut.

us with the debutant (im so fat :()

this is what happens in a debut -- 18 dance (guys), 18 msgs & 18 gifts

Meatballs & chicken

pancit & fried rice

chopsuey & lechon <3

cake & happiness


  1. I don see any FAT in u :P don think too much! :)

  2. that's a lot of it.. yummy.. :)

  3. You don't look fat at all.
    That food looks so great!
    You and your boyfriend are soo cute together.

  4. wow very lovely blog..really your blog is very nice.I like your blog.