Sunday, August 7, 2011

justin bieber & selena gomez

                So, the whole world knows about bieber and Selena, and I just found out few days ago HAHA I don’t really care about bieber. Thanks to the Monte Carlo movie post of mine that I found out about them. I think he loves butts. LOL..

                They dun really look good together, in MY opinion. Bieber just looks so small >.< (no offense fans) but well, Selena looks really happy with him.

 I just hope that they’d stop doing things in public (do it privately LOL) cause Selena was (or is I dunno anymore) on a kid’s show. So, a lot of kids look up to her. Tsk ..

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if Bieber was paired up with Black? They have something in common. LOL.. look for them on youtube ^_^


  1. well i think selena & justin look awesome together :) i laughed at black & justin's pic here, :D

  2. I totally agree. I adore Selena. Such a pretty and talented kid, that Selena. Then there's Justin, and I don't know. They just don't fit, in my opinion. Like they're two different piece of puzzle, and however I look, they just don't belong. HAHA.

    your comment made me laugh @ceedee

  4. I like Selena, but not Justin. Whatever makes them happy thought is up to them, so oh well.