Monday, August 8, 2011

astoldbyjulz blog giveaway

                I do blogwalking everyday, and  I see bloggers giving blog giveaways, and bloggers join giveaways. So, might as well try it myself right? HAHA ..
                I’m joining my friend's, ate Julz, blog giveaway which will end on August 22. It’s only available for bloggers located in the Philippines *sorry*

im not really a “make-up” person (I only do lipgloss), but yea, this lip gloss/tint that ate julz is giving away caught my attention :) yea, I hope I get it .

here it is ! the lip gloss/tint :)
for the mechanics, click this :


  1. Thanks for joining Pril, goodluck! :)

  2. My blog is having a fabulous GiveAway you can't miss out on, check it out and let me know what you thing.