Thursday, August 25, 2011

kid at heart lol (good old times)

                I thought that as years go by, I’d feel older. I thought that if a year is added to my age, I’d feel mature. But you know what, I still feel as if I’m 16y/o or younger. It’s as if I’m stuck on that age. When I look at my sister when I was 16y/o, I always thought that once I’m at the same age as her, I’d be the same as her – demure, girly (like make-ups & such), has a sense of responsibility.  But nahh… I’m still the same as before – childish, boyish, won’t do anything unless told. Mom always tells me “when your sister was this and that age, she was already like this like that”. Nothing’s changed at all, except for the fact that mom let’s me go out whenever I want and scolds me less.

                All in all, I just want to become a girl (or woman or wtv) just like my sister and any other females out there. I probably am just a late bloomer right? Hmm… starting this day, I’m gonna eat less (less rice, less carbs). Anyway, I have some photos here since I was small from my brother’s fb and hs friend’s fb. Was there any changes? Haha ..

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