Saturday, August 27, 2011

chillin with friends :)

just last thursday (August 18, 2011), i joined this group called Davao Bloggers . obviously, it's a group composed of bloggers from Davao City . im really grateful to Mark of (schoolmate&friend) for inviting me to join the group.

anyway, im really happy to be a part of this group and get to know other bloggers. YES, i have new friends :) haha loveit <3 and today , we had dinner with some of the Kaya Natin! Movement Champions (it's a movement for a good governance and ethical leadership here in the Philippines) . we ate chicken bbq and Crocodile Sisig ('TWAS REALLY GOOD) . It was nice to get to meet and talk to them (though i was silent most of the time HAHA). They were really friendly :) my mom used the camera, so I had no camera at all :( only a phone with a camera -- good at taking close up photos, but non-close up photos, nahh

img from CLICK HERE

after the dinner, we went to a coffee shop called Caffe Firenzo. I bought a drink they called Mudslide <3 and we bought a Pizza too . took photos via phone . i don't wanna miss a chance to take a photo of a food or drink or any edible things xD

CEO - Jin
I really had fun tonight . I arrived home around 12am . haha .. mom was looking for me already .


  1. hindi sa akin pwede ang Mudslide. may ubo. *cough* ^_^. Hi sa iyo. blog walking

  2. No problem April.

    Actually, before Jons birthday pa kita in-add kaso, yung moderator ng group bago lang nag accept sa page ng new batch. :)

    Sarap nung pizza no?? malutong.hehe

  3. wow it's good to you sis na makakilala ng ibang tao at nang bagong kaibigan. di marami ka pow nakilalang bloggers dyan sa grupong yan.

    btw the foods is looks delicious especially the drinks ha para siyang kape na may ice cream sa ibabaw :)