Monday, August 22, 2011

Juris LIVE!

passes :)
              Yesterday was the last but not the least event that we attended at Abreeza Mall. It was a performance by one of the artists here, Juris. Here’s a short… okay, I don’t exactly know what to call this, a description? Biography? Or whatsoever. You decide xD
Juris started her recording career as the lead vocalist of the acoustic group MYMP in 2003. She was signed on Ivory Records together with her bandmates Chin Alcantara and Mike Manahan. Early in 2009, she became a regular performer on ABS-CBN's variety show ASAP, teaming up with Nina, Aiza Seguerra, Sitti, Richard Poon and Duncan Ramos to form a group called the "Sessionistas". In November 2009, it was announced that she will leave MYMP, and was planning to go solo. It was also stated that she has signed recording contract with Star Records.
             And yes, I took photos and recorded videos :)

Juris with the Band

 Don't you just love her shoes?

for more vids, please go to my channel

left:  uber cute baby | right: carla of

Davao Blogges with Juris
Davao Bloggers from left - right : Carla , Mark , Jonathan , Me lol , Faust , Jin's gf Febelet , Amor , Koii's friend Francis , Koii .. Jin was taking a photo :)

           Let me just do a short recap of the events that I attended these past few days: [08-19] – Bench & ASAP Rocks Mall Tour; [08-20] – Joey Ayala & Southborder; and last but not the least, [08-21] – Juris LIVE! All of these events were held in Abreeza Mall Davao, the newest mall here in Davao City, Philippines.

           So, I guess I’m back again to staying-at-home-surfing-the-net-playing-with-my-nephew kind of stuff. Lol… I should probably sell clothes again to gain a little money.

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