Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joey Ayala & Southborder in Abreeza Mall Davao

went today at Abreeza Mall Davao together with my bf to watch Joey Ayala & Southborder perform :) we actually arrived too early (like an hour & 30mins before the performance). we were able to get front row seats ! i mean second to the first from the stage.

Joey Ayala (born José Iñigo Homer Lacambra Ayala on June 1, 1956 in Bukidnon, Philippines) is a contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. His professional music career started when he released an album recorded in a makeshift-studio in 1982. To date, he has released six albums.
Joey Ayala

Joey Ayala's Performance ^^.

South Border is a Filipino Pop and R&B band formed in the 90s who gained recognition in the music scene in the 2000s.
Having undergone several permutations in its long career, South Border has nevertheless retained its unique sound and musical sensibility and has even moved up along the current global trends in music. Hence, retaining the top spot in their particular musical genre. Much credit goes to musical director and lead creative genius Jay Durias, the staunchest unifying force that has kept the band and its music alive and thriving.

Southborder's still awesome as ever. "Walang Kupas"

SouthBorder's Performance

Ikaw Lang - SouthBorder

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