Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hanoi: Vietnamese Cuisine

                I have a confession to make. I can never resist food temptation. My feet has a mind of its own and sends me to a nice food place to satisfy my food craving.

                And it happened again yesterday – was craving for food after the Bench & ASAP Rocks event. My bf and I decided that we go and eat at KFC, but fail. I realized that I brought enough money to eat somewhere else. I’m not sure why I have money on my debit card which I thought had 32php only left (last time I checked), and my recent employer paid me through paypal, so ‘twas weird. ANYWAY, I’m happy.

                So, my bf and I walked around Abreeza Mall, looking for a food place that we haven’t been yet. After few minutes of walking, we saw “Tsuru”, a Japanese restaurant, looked at the menu, and… walked again! HAHA… then we saw “Hanoi”, a Vietnamese restaurant, looked at the menu, and OKAY! :) Sorry, my bf and I are just that conscious about prices and such.
[ you just wait Tsuru, we'll come back for you xD ]

                The place was cozy and peaceful. There weren’t too many people.

                I was kinda scared that this fist food photo wouldn't suit my taste, but IT DID! :)

Banh Cuan PHP 99.00 ( 2.5$ )
Com Tay Thap PHP 199.00 ( 4.7$)
                The foods that we ordered were delicious! I love their rice :) All in all we paid PHP 541.00 ( 12.7$ ) for 2 meals. PHP 44.00 for the service. I should’ve included that one on my budgeting. LOL

                On our way to were the cabs were, we saw few people (around 6-8 people) taking photos outside RaiRai Ken. I looked back, and saw Luke Mejares (Filipino Singer). He wasn’t with a security guard. I wanted to take a photo of him with my bf, but then people came (around 15-20). We never got the chance to. So, I just took photo of him with other people.


  1. wow the food is all looks delicious and looks yummy. but the price is mildly high but i want to taste it all. your boyfriend is so sweet.

    by the way sis got new post too. hope you can comment too. thanks a lot!!!

  2. You always have great food pictures. I always get hungry when i see your posts and which I had great food here!