Monday, August 8, 2011

filipino defined by someone .. DUH !?

as i was blogwalking all over blogosphere, i came across ANOTHER (take note, ANOTHER) filipina love finder or cupid or lover or foreign relationship, or WHATEVER advertisement on different bloggers' ads (it's not the bloggers' fault lol) .

 i find it really annoying and degrading as well to see ads like this, and sometimes im even redirected to these sites >.< it seems like to me that Pinays are being sold on the internet, worse with their consent too . im wondering why would people join such sites ? are they that desperate to find their one and only partner in life ? *pukes* or are they that desperate in getting rich ? i know it's really depressing, but yeah, that's the truth . it's not applicable to ALL FILIPINA WOMEN though . why won't they just go and look for a job ? a call center perhaps ? or even an online job ? it's not normal to see an 18-25y/o woman with a 45-6-y/o man >.<

i just wish that people would open their eyes and stop all these nonsense . this affects not only them as an individual, but all Pinays all over the world . im sick and tired of those people who keeps on staring and later shouts "HAYA-HAY" or "JACKPOT!" or "datu naka run day ? ka naka uyab kag amerkano" (so you're rich now huh !? since you have an american bf <-- ok i suck at translations) .

i researched about this just now, and found something really interesting . a kinda convo (but not really) between an american and a filipino :
A : living here for more than 5 years..
i find that most filipinos are lazy (if you wanna get something done in this country you gotta wait at least 2 weeks.. when you can get it done in 3 days in the states.. -filipinos, come on it's true.. if you've never gone out of your country well too bad)
F : WE ARE NOT LAZY, ASSHOLE. If we are lazy, how the hell do most countries need our nurses, engineers, and architects? I mean, c’mon, we’re not going to get our diplomas if we were all born lazy people. ALL COUNTRIES HAVE THESE KIND OF PEOPLE. And it’s not the Filipinos who are lazy, it’s the fucking government so don’t blame all the Filipinos for not getting your driver’s license in two weeks instead of 3 days.
A : filipinos think all the foreigners are rich
F: We don’t think that all foreigners are rich. We think that their countries itself are rich.
A:  filipinos think that the philippines is better than indonesia or malaysia or other neighboring countries of southeast asia when they're all equally poor
F: We think that we’re better than our neighboring countries, because they don’t speak English fluently sometimes, like I do now and pardon if our country belongs to the third world countries but I, sure, am richer than you.
 A: THEY ARE SHORT. 5' is tall in this country.
F: MOST of us are short.
A: their taglish or watever it's called, which is mixture of their language called tagalog and english, is ANNOYING don't fuck our language up why do you must copy everything from us just speak your damn language don't mix it with ours and make it sound hella fucking irritating and annoying
F: Tag-lish is just one of the ways Filipinos do  for fun. And even if they do it seriously, at least, they try to speak it or at least, know how to speak it although not fluently. And my gosh, some European countries do mix their own language with English, too, like Slovak or German
A:  their diet is meat and rice
 F: True. Because we don’t excessively get fat. Most of us have good metabolism that no matter how many cupful of rice or meats we eat, we don’t get fat like those obnoxious stupid American racists like you.

 i really apologize for this long post . i just had the urge to share to you what i found . made me LOL


  1. there are some foreigners who like making fun of Filipinos like us. But there are some who just admires Filipinos, for our culture and our family ties. Also for our cooking.

    My aunt married an American and although its the typical old man and young woman relationship (my uncle's 60, my aunt's 45), you can see well that they are both happy with each other.

  2. that ain't new. though I don't do criticizing Filipina's like me, still it's their fault why most foreigners thinks we'll all the same.

  3. I think there's nothing wrong with dating sites every other nationality of women join dating sites and it's all like facebook just a social network for people looking for romance. Well, what differs would be the intention and that's what I don't like about most Filipinas on dating sites for it seems most are just rooting for money and not really love. And that's what sucks for we can do better than that.

  4. I really can't blame some Filipinas joining dating sites. But what I don't like, though, is seeing a teenager (or maybe 20-something...) girl holding hands with a filthy old foreigner and then I see them check in at a hotel. Oh GOD!!!!!

  5. really ? :O
    good thing ive never seen one >.<
    i dun like it

  6. This is really a good post. One word for these kinda ppl " Racist" or another word that I can describe them: Retard.

    Anyway, April, u keep up the good work and post! I like this very much! :)

    Keep it up!

  7. You aware of what OTHER foreigners call us too? The black monkey thing? I hate it. I hate it how they discriminate us generally. I mean, we may be born as Filipinos but it doesn't mean we, all, are completely the same.

  8. black monkey ? what does it stand for ? O_O

    so truee ..
    even filipinos mismo, they generalize us .
    look for anti-pinoy website gud .. so mean >.<

  9. there's nothing wrong with dating make easy someone who want make a date

  10. this post is funny :D most of them are true...

    some of the filipino are lazy thats why most of us dont have a job. some spend more time on whining than working.

    we think that foreigners are rich because for some of us flying through here in the phil. means they spend too much money. XD

    our height is really short

    taglish.... wahahah

    ay haba ng comment ko XD

  11. hahaha .. some only, not all .
    but this guy was generalizing >.< and also the anti-pinoy site . you should go check it out .

    and , sabi ng bf ko, mas mayaman pa nga daw ang pinoy cause most of his classmates/schoolmates are able to go to america or any other parts of the world . tapos xa, philippines pa lang . lol

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  13. Musta April? Thanks for visiting my site. Nice blog. Enjoyed reading this post. Supporting your site. Visit back often. Take care. Have a great day.

  14. hello po !
    thanks for visiting mine too ^^

    i sure will .