Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cowboys vs Aliens

i would like to take this opportunity to thank you to all my followers ^_^ and i would just like to share to you that I GOT TO THE TOP 12 of bluedreamer's contest BLOG IDOL . the prize is like 40$ (1st), 15$(2nd), 10$(3rd) .

i would need your help (once it starts) to win this one . more people = more votes , more votes = better chances of winning :) i would really appreciate your votes . enough of the contest thing haha

my bf and i watched Cowboys vs Aliens today . im not really a fan of alien movies and cowboys (i don't even really watch movies like those) , but yea .. this one, my bf wanted to watch it . and i found out, IT WAS WORTH WATCHING . i dunno how to elaborate what i just said, but , it was just really cool .

im still looking forward for FINAL DESTINATION *excited*


  1. I will gladly vote for you :)
    Just make sure you share the link.
    I was debating on seeing that movie or not, but i might have to consider watching it. Everyone keeps saying it was good.

  2. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT TIFF !! hahaha ..

    i surely will . thank youuuu ^___^

  3. Hi april, thanks for the mention and good luck to you.
    btw di ko pa napapanuod ang C&A hehe, I'm smurfiliciously excited sa Smurfs movie kais kaya yun ang inuna ko LOL

  4. your welcome ^_^

    maganda ang smurfs ?

  5. hello bhbe ! :)
    it hasn't started yet ^_^
    but i will inform you once it starts :) thanksss ^^

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    thanks :)


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  7. It's good to see you enjoyed the film, I for one would rather see Captain America because I'm American! Can't wait until they come up with Captain Asia.

  8. LOL ..
    i also watched captain america, it was a good movie.
    LOL again, and Cowboys vs Aliens is an American movie .

    we have captain barbel ('twas a really long time ago though) .

  9. gotta watch this next week..hehehehe :D