Friday, August 12, 2011

im starting to like kpop

                Lemme just tell you this before you read further, you may not know some of the people/group im gonna mention :|lol .. okay, you can go ahead and read ^^

                I’ll be telling you a shorttt story. I watched secret garden (Korean tv series) sometime in april (2011) . it was a really really nice drama series, but as usual (just like most kdramas), the ending sucks. What I loved about the series was the story, hyun bin <3, and the soundtrack! :)

                Around May (2011), I had a lot of vacant time, so I searched for a good k-series again, and saw dream high. I found it kinda “corny” because of their summary, but ended up loving it. And yea, their soundtrack just made me love the series more.

                Anyway, ever since we (my sis & i) finished watching dream high, we started liking kpop – kept listening to songs we can’t even understand xD, watched MVs, looked for latest updates . lol .. so below are the k-idols who's songs i like :

Name: Sistar19 Song: Ma boy | MV: choreo will make you :O and LOL
Name: Kara, Song: Lupin, Jumping, Wanna, MISTER < check mr. MV out
Name: Miss A, Song: i can't breathe (a weird yet cool dance), Bad Girl Good Girl, GOODBYE BABY GOODBYE
and ofcourse, the fairest of them all, IU ^^ Song: Good Day, Marshmallow, and her covers
 i actually like SNSD too, but not that much.

i dun have anything decent to write . haha .. sorry


  1. I love k-pop too.. pero mas like ko makining ng j-pop music ^^

  2. I love k-pop too.. but mas like ko makining ng j-pop songs. ^^V

  3. i love listening to kpop music too specially sa 2ne1.. pero mas like ko makinig sa japanese songs. ^^V

  4. I love listening to kpop music too, specially to 2ne1, pero mas type ko makinig ng japanese music ^^V.

  5. oh .. parehas kayo ni kristen (blogger) :)

  6. Interesting photo, I like your blog....

  7. gee thanks !
    photos found via search engine (google) .

  8. They have intresting outfits in some of the pictures.

  9. Hi April
    I like korean songs and drama.I especially love their game shows and reality shows. Invincible Youth is one of them.
    Lovely pix.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Great blog, those girlies have great fashion sense lol.


  11. @tiff : they certainly do

    @umihoney : i think the show Heroes is nice as well as the we got married :) im gonna check on invicible youth ^^

    @lea : thanks !! :) and yes they do .

  12. actually kpop is pretty great. they put such an amount of effort in their MTVs. SNSD is super cute

  13. so true . di nila ginagawang cheap ang MVs nila ^^ and most of the MVs have stories . nakakaaliw ^^

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  15. not a big Kpop fan hehe old fashion kasi ako in terms of music so hindi ko masyado gusto yung beat LOL
    You can now submit your Song Entries
    Thanks and Good luck