Sunday, July 10, 2011 | networking site

i just wanna share with you one of the networking sites that i joined way back (2 years and 6mos ago to be exact). it was called "cyworld" . as far as i know, the was the US version of the famous of korea .

cyworld logo
it was a very cool website btw . 'twas easy to navigate, easy to make friends (eventhough you are a complete stranger to them) . people were really friendly and approachable .

UNFORTUNATELY, the US version have shutdown completely because of something that i am not aware of cause i only stayed there for 4months cause of school . and now, everyone on the website migrated to this website they call ASIAN-U (not sure about it) .

if you can read korean language , you might as well check the original cyworld website :)

uhmm .. yea , i was just reminiscing those days when i was an internet junkie, and i almost joined all the websites that i could join . lol ..


  1. Awwwwh mahnn that sucks.
    I always wanted to find out for myself what's so great about that site. -_-

  2. Awwwhh mahnn that sucks.
    I've always wanted to find up what's so great about that site. -_-

  3. ahhahahahha thanks.nice blog to u too !!~

  4. hi!

    a fellow pinoy i see!

    nice blog layout btw! i think your pro in CSS ^^...
    i could suggest taking off the music since it could drive away the readers the time it played...


  5. I've joined its' Japanese base and it shut down as well ><

    I've wrote my important moments there and didn't have a copy of it so I barely remember what are those now :(

  6. @ darkzsight : not originally mine [layout] :( i edited a lot though . and, im a frustrated comsci student . haha .. that's why im trying so hard to figure this "sunggo" codes . yea, i should probably take the music off too . thanks for the advise ^_^

    @kristen : really ? there's a japanese cy too ? :O awww .. i wasn't able to save a copy as well . i liked the acorns thingy on that sight