Saturday, July 9, 2011

first job ever

as you all know, i'm 19y/o (that's if you counted the date on my about me section) . and here in the Philippines, we teenagers (technically, i still am though im on the verge of being not one) should still be in school and not at work . but yeah, im  working right now . just started last summer, April 13, 2011, as a trainee, and fortunately, later became a probe ! yay !

wave 89 trainees

 so, basically, im serving the company for almost 3months now. it wasn't that easy, believe me . we had to go through a lot of things and tests before we can further proceed to the next step . it's like the show "survivor" . lol ..

 now, im we were endorsed on the production floor, and started taking in calls . at first, it was really stressful to the point where in i was thinking "lemme go back to school" . but soon, i realized that im being hard on myself and tried to accept that im already an employee and not just a student . i found out that it's just a matter of acceptance as well as giving yourself time to get used to it .

 whenever i feel like giving up, i just put in mind the 90/10 principle :
"10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react"
  btw, i kept babbling things here and i forgot to tell you what my job is . haha .. im a technical support agent :)

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