Monday, July 11, 2011

new schedule

time check

  we just got our new schedule for work . i was assigned from 5:00am till 2:00pm . and now, im lying here on my bed, wondering "so, what time should i go to sleep?" . below are my choices :
  • 8pm : so that i can get 7hrs of sleep
  • 9pm : so that i still have time to write something here and talk to my friends on facebook
  • 10pm : YEA ! im just procrastinating . LOL
 10pm's actually the latest . cause i am planning on waking up at 3am to prepare .

 actually, that's not the only thing that's bothering me . the one thing that bothers me is "what the heck am i gonna ride? will there even be a jeepney at 4am ?" . i live kinda far [but not really] from downtown . i HOPE, i really HOPE, that there will be one tomorrow .

yes, that's my phone . it's crappy, i know . ive been trying to get something new, but i always spend the money on food . and that's not actually my phone , it's my sister's . im using it cause my phone got stolen AGAIN for the 4th or 5th time . i can't remember .


  1. Its hard to go to sleep sometimes, even when you know you have to get up early. I procrastinate a lot, and tell myself its okay to stay up doing whatever because i wont be tired, and every single time i have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Im usually running late too. Eventually, you will get in a good routine, like you had when you were in school.

  2. haha .. so true ! we're so alike .
    this is just harder though, cause sun is still not up, and then i have to go to work already .

    - april

  3. ohh well said /..d0nt get a new ph0ne ..:D cause i know the importanT is that yoU can teXt anD caLL lol No NeeD .. everYhtIng Just tHe imPorTANt THInGS .. <3..

  4. helloooo ^^ haha .. so truee