Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summon Night: Twin Age

 i have been busy playing with this RPG entitled "Summon Night: Twin Age" on Nintendo DS . it's really fun , that's if you like RPGs (oh yesh ! ~ i only like playing RPGs) . i wish i could use the buttons though, and not just the touch screen (cause it's kinda difficult) .

  anyways, on this game, they are 3 different races : humans, kazcusah and summon beasts . One human girl have summoned a boy, and they have been hunt down by humans because they want to do experiments and such ........... okayyyyyy .. i dun wanna be a spoiler . just go look for it on google if you want to play the game . xD oh .. and im not done with the game yet . i'm still on level 36 . i dunno how long it takes to finish this .

 and btw .. once again . im sick

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