Friday, July 22, 2011

everything's gonna be ok

 hellooooo !! 2 days ago, i received an email from someone which contained a lot of important information . uhmm .. i got scammed almost a month ago, and yea, i had NO IDEA who she was . all i know is the name, address, and number that she gave to me for the payment (and it wasn't even really her) . good thing, this person knows a lot :) sent me infos , and finally got me her name ! YAY ! so i went to the NBI (nat'l bureau of investigation) to report her . still have to file some documents, but oh wells :) there's progress, that's what's important .

  after the NBI thing, i went to chowking (since it was the nearest place w/ wifi) cause i was really really hungry (tummy was making sounds >.<) . ate a chowfan (fried rice) and siomai (yumm ~) . then, bf arrived and treated me halohalo !! ~

halohalo with vanilla ice cream !

  around 6pm, we went to the mall across for a church concert . it was hosted by americans from texas .

tickets :)

Rachel, the vocalist ; my friend anne from church :)

 everything is going great so far . i have the name of the scammer, no stress (no work too), and my little sister's out from the hospital :)


  1. ugh! scammers!! hate them.. how were you scammed btw? :)

  2. internet (facebook to be exact) .. it was somewhat my fault though . i got careless . but .... everything will be fine :)

    - april

  3. wow. u better be careful next time. Glad that everything is ok now. BUt hey, look at the brighter way, they scam u cos u are popular ... woots! hie hie hie :)

  4. Scammers are scary, good thing you were able to report it. Mukang masarap yung halo-halo ah! Hehe namiss ko bigla kumain niyan. Too bad i've been sick these days :s

  5. they indeed are ! i still have to go to NTC, and then back to NBI ... waaa .. dami pa kelangan gawin >.<

    HUHUHU .. how i wish di ko kinain ung halo2 ! im sick na nmn :( sore throat . waaaa