Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rai rai ken (japanese restaurant)

 i ate a lot today >.< ugh ..

  went to mcdonald's around 3PM (Philippines time) to wait because i have an appointment around 4PM . ordered tuna sandwich (first time) cause it will be really inappropriate to stay there without buying anything (not to mention connecting to their wifi) . UGH ! i was expecting for the tuna sandwich to be "oohhh so yummyyy ~~" cause ive heard great things about it from my brother , but .. ugh ! you know what's next . lol ..

  uh-huh .. i still got full . i ate 3/4 of the sandwich cause i didn't want it to go to waste (i loved the bun though) . went back to the place where i had to go, just to find out he wasn't still there . im like "PFT ! nevermind" . bf called, asked where i was , and suggested to go to the mall . i actually dun have any problems going to any malls except Abreeza cause there aren't really a lot of things you can see there (i just go there to eat) . that's why i told him "we should eat there" . both of us are running low >.< waaa .. ok ok .. this is food .

  sooooo , while waiting for him, i went strolling and saw RAI RAI KEN ! my favorite japanese restaurant :) they were on 50% discount YAY !! (for Davao people, promo's until August 31 only in Abreeza branch) i really love their bento <3 [sorry for the low quality . camera had an empty battery, so used phone instead]

rai rai ken bento (actual name) with miso soup

us goofing around via webcam
 The "Rai Rai Ken Bento" was really good ! ebi + japanese rice + miso soup + chicken lollipop + vegetable only for 7.31$ (the dish my bf ordered was the one with 50% discount)


  1. aw... I love Japanese Food too :) hie hie hie! I just blog the Green tea ice cream too !!!

  2. @venie: i wanna try viet and malay food next time ^_^
    uh-huh .. i already visited . i wonder what green tea ice cream taste like :|

  3. I wanna try this too! <33 Making me hungry, AGAIN. hihi I feel starving at the moment eeh. :PP

  4. @kristen : ahaha .. you should go ahead and try !! i really love japanese food ^___^

  5. oh i love 'em too but never tried eating one. hehe

    yep. vocaloid nga.^^

    sige. il link you on my next open. off to study na eh. byebye! <33