Friday, July 8, 2011


 okay, so i went out last night and watched this movie entitled "SCRE4M" (scream 4 to be exact) . i can't really recall the past scream movies that i watched, i can only remember a guy with a mask . lol ..

 anyways, so, the movie's just wicked, and Emma Roberts there is just so sick (not her, but her character in the movie) . it's really confusing, and it will make you wonder who the real killer is . at first i thought it was Emma's boyfriend, next the deputy who likes the sheriff ..... im not making any sense am i? haha .. you should just watch the movie and see for yourself :)


 my blogsite is still UNDERCONSTRUCTION . im still trying to figure out the right codes to have that follow button thingy to work . huhu .. if anyone knows how to, please help me . i dun wanna lose the current theme that i have just so that i'll have the "follow" thing . waa

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