Thursday, July 7, 2011

coz it's my REST DAY

 i know, it's wednesday, but yeah, im on my rest day today until tomorrow .

and since it's day off, i can finally relax and break free :) good thing my boyfriend didn't have classes after 3pm . yay !

 he surprised me though . he went to my place without calling me beforehand . pft .. embarrassing . last night, he told me he'd surprise me and become a leader (coz he acts gay almost all the time).

 he brought me to GAP FARM (one of the tourist spots here in davao) . and it was already 5pm (the park closes at 4pm), but good thing we were still able to tour !

 the place may be kinda run down already, but Gap Farm is a good place to relax and relieve stress, it's a quite place, peaceful, free from pollution and green (lots of plants & tress) << you won't find these things in the city.

[ click image for larger view ]

bf being funny with a "tikbalang", and the horse that i wanted to ride on
 and there's this cat that we found while we were strolling . it was so clean ! had furry hair . it kept following us , and making this weird sound . bf said that it was like a sound of aggressiveness , i got scared . i kept searching for a way for the cat to stop following us. 
creepy cat who won't stop staring

 FINALLY, meet my boyfriend , Jonathan . He's of the same age as me . he lives here in Davao now . He's studying in a prestigious university . and yes, he's white . lol

with my boyfriend

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