Wednesday, July 27, 2011

going out ? or being together ? choose one

WARNING : this post may sound too serious .

 as i was doing my usual rounds on blogspot, i came across this one post which contained a photo of someone on fb (not the author's) bragging about her bf.

  then, i came to the thought, which one would people prefer? someone saying "oh .. we've been dating/going out since ....." or "oh .. we've been together since ..." . usually, on movies (and at times, people i know), most of the boys/girls say "we've been dating/going out" (i probably watch too many movies xD) .

 lemme differentiate the two in my OPINION (GO - going out; BT - being together) :
  • G.O. : you are not OFFICIALLY together . he/she might have someone else aside from you
  • B.T. : you are together and the whole world knows it . it would be a sin if someone sees him/her with another person cuddling,hugging,kissing, etc
  • G.O. : you can easily leave each other anytime you want w/o the other party knowing
  • B.T. : you're committed , made promises.. breaking up needs to be discussed and will be hard
  • G.O. : no meeting of the parents since it isn't a relationship that was made to last long
  • B.T. : you'll have the honor of being introduced to his/her family
  • G.O. : once you're emotionally attached, YOU LOSE
  • B.T. : doesn't matter if you're attached to him/her, cause it's vice versa
  • G.O. : no iloveyou's .
  • B.T. : iloveyou's all the way
[ the GO that i mean here is the GO wherein you go and do stuff only couples should do ^_^ BUT these are just my opinion . it's not applicable to everyone . it still depends :)  ] 

   but wouldn't it be nice to hear your partner brag to other people that you have BEEN TOGETHER for this&that days/months? :) and to hear an I LOVE YOU coming from him/her ?


  1. I agree. Being Together is definitely the more legit phrasing to want when ur with someone one.

  2. RIGHT ! that's the word that i was looking for "legit" LOL .. :) thank you

  3. I really don't think this post is serious. I think its funny (in a good way). I am on my late twenties so during my time we only have BT. courting is what we have that is similar to dating part. So you know, learning this is a lttle funny for me. thanks though. I'm a new follower. :)

  4. @mayen : ahaha .. ikr ? we have the courting process here (im not really sure about other places) which is totally different from the GO that im talking about here :)

    anyways, thankss for following ^_^ i really appreciate it

  5. It sucks more being NEITHER. :'(