Wednesday, July 13, 2011

once upon a time

 back in the days, i have always loved writing . it was my way of expressing my thoughts, my feelings, letting my imagination run wild . it was my passion . i even dreamed of pursuing the course "journalism" .. dreamed of becoming a writer someday . 


  • 2nd Grade till 6th : volunteered to write the script for our play
  • Freshmen (HS) : kept writing different stories on a paper (not notebook)
  • Junior : started blogging on friendster , started writing poems , even started writing a diary !
  • Senior (the time of our lives) : from friendster, to multiply, to livejournal , to blogspot , to webs .. hahaha .. i can't even remember all the websites that i have joined ! wrote our class prophecy as well which made everyone put a smile on their face ^_^
 everything stopped then . it seems like my writing career (or even just blogging career) ended there for a short while . and now im back :) and im really grateful to the people taking time to read my blog .

1 comment:

  1. hope u continue blogging. It's a way to release stress and spill out something that's been stuck in ur throat. ;)

    I'll look forward for ur new post. Have nice day. :)