Thursday, July 14, 2011


 i don't have anything to write for today . wait .. actually, i do . but i need to take a photo, edit it, upload , write . takes time . and im really sleepy right now :( *sorry* im actually trying to make my OWN layout :) so, my hands are kinda full today . lemme just share with you my favorite singer whom i just recently discovered :

IU :)

 meet IU . she's a korean . she has the sweetest voice ever . i first saw her on the korean drama series "Dream High" ('twas kinda like highschool musical) . she was one of the main cast . i just love hearing her sing ! look for her on youtube :p lol

 ok, that's all for now . imma finish this layout thing that im working on ^_^


  1. Hi April,

    The box is blocking ur post :( I can't read it....

  2. I love your blog! Its so cute! check out mine? :)

  3. She is very pretty.
    Im going to look her up.

  4. @venie : really ? :O my bf also said that . but when i try to view it here on my comp, it's fine though >.< hmm .. lemme check on that one

    @abbynoel24 : thanksss ~~ sure thing ! imma check your blog out

    @tiffany : oh yesh ! she is indeed pretty :) and she has a really nice voice (i prefer you listen to a live show and not an MV) .

  5. thanks! and just letting you know, some computers have narrower resolutions, so even if its in a good place when you see it, it might be different for other screens.

  6. oh and i love what you did with the archive! how did you get it to look like that?

  7. @abbynoel24 : oh i see . tnx for the info :) i should fix it though . i want my friend to see it :) hehe ..
    and, i'll just message the code to you for this one ^_^