Tuesday, July 12, 2011

breakfast anyone ?

 i am that kind of person who never skips breakfast (like, i really eat rice and such) .... ooppsss ... WAS ! lol .. until i started training (for work), and started working itself . why ? cause i don't have time . and no one's awake when i am , so no one's gonna cook :( huhu .. poor me . that's probably one of the reasons why i lost some weight ? << haha .. skeptical of saying that . im not 100% sure if i have . oh wells ! i feel lighter though .

bearbrand cereal drink

 that's what i had for breakfast today . not my usual "breakfast" . and i actually ate (or drank) it an hour after i poured water in my tumbler (not the mug . cause no hot water at home, so i just went to work) .

 i think im starting to experience what independent people are experiencing -- not being able to have their breakfast cause lack of time , go to sleep late . and now, im starting to miss my school life . i'll be back this november or next april though *exited*


  1. I haven't tried that bear brand busog lusog. hehe. I just saw their ads. Masarap din yung energen. :D

  2. Cute Trigger cup. I have one too but a different pattern. I'll show to u tmr ;)

  3. @donna : its taste kinda the same with energen (less lapot lang :D) yepp yepp . ive tried energen, but ung nasa bahay, it was monggo flavor . i want vanilla :D hihi

    @venie : HELLO VENIE ~! ooohhh .. drop me a message once you have posted a photo of it ^__^ wanna see it

  4. posted... :) pls chk it out!