Friday, July 29, 2011

of legal age

we have our "debut" here @ 18 . it is the most awaited day of some girl (yea , cause not me HAHA) . there's dancing, eating, singing, crying, and ofcourse PARTEH-YING . LOL

we have the traditional 18 roses (18 guys to dance with the celebrant), 18 candles (18 closest people to give their message and wishes) , 18 treasures (18 people who will give a message and a gift ^^) , and the 18 shots (18 people to give a message and wish then afterwards drinks a glass of wine . this one's optional though) .

my favorite part ? PHOTOSHOOT ! haha ..

us joking around ^^
 my friends placed me on the 18 treasures sections HUHU .. i think ive attended about 10 or less 18th birthday parties , and i have always been placed on the treasures :( whyyyy ?? i dun have money >.< and i have another party to attend this august 5 , and guess what ? im on the treasures again ! >.<

anyways, it was one of my closest friends birthday yesterday (and me& my bf's 29th monthsary too <3) . took a lot of photos . made a slideshow so that you won't get bored scrolling :) 

  i wanted to stay there overnight :( but then i still have to go to work . oh wells :) 'twas fun last night


  1. wow~ Glad u enjoy ur party. Looks like u have lot's of fun :)

  2. hello venieee :) we sure did !

  3. aww sweet!
    I think your a good friend that's why you were always place in the 18 treasure :) maybe you symbolize a treasured friendship! :D

  4. NINA ~ ^^
    i probably am LOL
    id like to think that way haha