Wednesday, July 27, 2011


list down my dreams as far as i can remember
 have you ever had the feeling where in you wanted to give up ? you feel so miserable and hopeless, that it even makes you wonder "why am i even here?" (so emo . lol) .

 i have, and i still have that feeling at times . it's not all the time though, but it's bothersome . sometimes i just want to scratch my mind (if that's possible) so hard for that certain thought to disappear, so that i won't even think about it and later on feel the pain .

  everytime that these thoughts appear in my mind, it makes me wish to go back to being a kid with lots of dreams ! right now, i don't have any dream at all, and i really think that that's a bad thing . i call myself a "dreamLESS person" now .

  i was someone who had A LOT OF DREAMS . the one on the photo is just half of it . i think me opening up my eyes to reality made me lose my confidence , made me think negatively, made me realize that my dreams are unreachable and absurd , that i will never make it .

  i need to get back on my feet again .. regain my confidence in myself .. and believe that whatever dream that i WILL (yes cause they were all gone . i need to have a new set of them) have, will come true if only i strive hard and never lose hope .

 today was SUPPOSED to be a really sad day .. but i just received an email, and i just felt better .. lol i was so emo this morning till afternoon >.< also, thank you new followers ^_^ you dunno how happy i am to have you :)


  1. I feel the same way too.
    I only wanna marry the Japanese Idol Ive been dying to be with yet I think I'll end up seeing him from afar forever :((

    But but.. There is this something in me that still hoping to reach my dream. A spark inside me still lighting for me life's sake. So don't give up! You might make your dreams come true and that's not really impossible! :))

    Thanks fo commenting in my blog. :3

  2. thanks kristen ^_^

    i need to re-do my dream list na :)
    and make sure to never lose that spark of hope

  3. Dreaming is fun, but I give up too easily. It's hard to stay motivated, and that's why you can't achieve dreams without a struggle. People don't get rich overnight.

  4. I GIVE up easily too .. i keep thinking negatively >.<

  5. Dont give up on dreams. Just start by making them more realistic and attainable. I find myself facing the same problem occasionally. But slowly yet surely you start being able to cross goals off ur list and mark them accomplished. U just have to realize the path to take you there.
    and you should definitely make urself a new goals list.