Sunday, July 31, 2011

let me share to you OUR story

 it's my boyfriend's TWENTEENTH (20th) birthday today ^^ (check out his site at DavaoCityLiving) so, i would just like to share with you all the memories we had (through photos), since day one, up to now and a short story :)

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 we met at (i have a post regarding that website cyworld) on January 2009 . talked on cyworld, yahoo, multiply, facebook, friendster (i told ya that i have lots of accounts back then :p) . been together since February 28, 2009 . it wasn't an easy choice to make cause he's like a million miles away and i was so scared cause he might not be real , and it's really hard to keep a long distance relationship especially if you're a teenager (i was 16 that time and he was 17) . March 4, 2009 , he told me that he loves me :)

 we had our ups and downs, almost broke up around August 2009 and October 2009 .. good thing he held on to me eventhough i was already giving up . he promised he'd come here on that year (2 reasons : to study & to be with me *winks*) . on December 27, 2009 , he arrived at Davao City airport and hugged me .

  ever since 2009, he has been taking care of me .. he tells me that he loves me everyday (he calls everyday ^^) .. he always makes me happy and feel loved and taken care of and treasured .. i may be stubborn and numb most of the time, but yea, I LOVE THIS GUY . i know there will be a lot of trials ahead , but we will make it through together .

sorry, i know this is boring you . but dun care LOL
(but even if i don't, i still love you my dear readers ^^ thank you sooo much)


  1. Awww... sweet post. :)

    btw, I am your new follower, hope you will visit and follow my page too :)

  2. cool! u guys made it throught! im so happy for you as one of your blog friends *assumes to be one* XD id like to greet your boyfriend a happy birthday! challenges are always present whenever your in a serious relationship, so be strong dear. and of course God Bless and good luck!

  3. Aww :"> That is so sweet of you. :3
    I hope the very best for the both of you April. ^^

    Happy Birthday to your boyfieee :3

  4. that's sweet, he went over here just to be with you. :)