Monday, August 1, 2011

hot actors . LOL

 So, i have just watched Captain America and it was just average for me . i just didn't like how fast the story line went . also, i think there were parts that were cut off (or that was just probably the mall who cut the part off . lol) . andddd, i was hoping that the main character will have a happy ending with the girl, but naaahhh .. oh wells

yea, the main actor was so buff that my boyfriend said "oh . that's not his real body . i think the real one is the skinny one" . but i was thinking , i don't think so because when he was skinny, his head really looked weird . like, it was attached or something . the staff and crew did a really good job though .

  OKAY . let's get to the bottom of this . haha .. speaking of buff and hawt, there are other actors out there who are as hawt&buff as him . i have my own list here below ( TOP 10 ):

10.) Ian Somerhalder - Vampire Diaries
9.) Jake Gyllenhal - Source Code, The Day After Tomorrow
8.) Jensen Ackles - Supernatural
7.) Josh Duhamel - Transformers, Life As We Know It

6.) Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern
5.) Alex Pettyfer - I Am Number Four, Beastly
4.) Taylor Lautner - Twilight Saga, Valentine's Day
3.) Ashton Kutcher - Killers

2.) Chris Hemsworth - Thor
1.) Chris Evans - Captain America, Fantastic Four

  Top 2 have "CHRIS" as their first name . WOW :O xD


  1. ahan i see some smart handsome dudes here :D

  2. I totally agree with your choice of hot actors, especially Alex Pettyfer, although I regret to say that I haven't seen Beastly yet! Read the book though, which I enjoyed.

    I like your blog - followed! I'm relatively new to blogging and am a bit lonely on the blogosphere! Follow me?

  3. hello there madeline ! ^^
    welcome to blogosphere ! im actually new too . just joined in last month .

    i actually didn't like beastly >.< alex was really hot though lmao xD the story line was kinda fast.

    thankss for following ^^ i really appreciate it .

  4. Woahhhh, great post! Haha. :D
    I'm following you, follow for a follow?
    Have a lovely day! x

  5. hello lees. ! :)

    have a lovely day as well ^^

  6. Ive never seen/ heard of some of them. But i do enjoy watching movies with some of these guys in them.